Lisbon Architecture Triennale

Assistant Curator for the Multiplicity exhibition at the Lisbon Architecture Triennale, 2022. Worked with curators Vyjayanthi Rao and Tau Tavengwa for over a year to research exhibition topics, develop content, and edit, audit and compile materials for the exhibition.

The Hole

If you glance to your right while crossing the border from Brooklyn to Queens on South Conduit Avenue, you may be surprised to see wet, sunken, dirt roads littered with scrap cars, weeds and several lonely houses. This is The Hole, a neighborhood of approximately 40 acres defined by its diminutive elevation and the Mafia‚Äôs… Continue reading The Hole

Leveraging Air Rights for Reparative Development in Harlem

Proposal developed for J. Max Bond Center in response to NYC Mayor’s office “Shared Equity RFI“. The Bond Center is currently in talks with NYC HPD and community partners to develop the proposal further, with the eventual goal of initiating a pilot project in Harlem. Read the full white paper hereView the proposal deck here… Continue reading Leveraging Air Rights for Reparative Development in Harlem